Soul Candi returns with another musical offering for your headphones in the form of Deep House Chronicles 8 and this time they’ve placed the duty of compiling this album in the lap of Cape Town’s very own, Thibo Thazz. There is no denying that Thibo’s love for house music comes from deep within and this spirit is carried throughout the compilation.

Soul is the order of the day for this compilation and its steady mix of finely crafted musical numbers ensures that it takes a firm hold on the heart of the listener from the get go. Thibo manages to educate the ears and mind of the listener through carefully selected vocal tracks that are neither too laid back nor intrusive, thus staying true to the title and offering a true deep house experience that one hates has to end. The Atjazz Love Soul remix of EL Contraste by Shigeru Tanabu is sure to be one of the favourites on the album. It’s simple percussion set and funky bass licks with haunting vocals by Akane Del Mar make it irresistible to the repeat button.

Soul Candi has most certainly hit the nail on the head with their collaboration with Thibo and he has definitely done the series more than justice.