The Past

I first got into music when I was still in primary school. I was a chubby kid. Where I’m from, whether you’re skinny or you’re a big boy, you need to be part of a sport. So I was going through a phase of playing cricket, soccer, just about everything. Within all of that, I got exposed to a DJ – Vinny Da Vinci. They were doing a roadshow in my town, and they were playing on vinyl. For me that was fascinating to see. Not only to see them playing records, but their power, the kind of emotion they were able to yield in an audience from the music they played. That’s when I really started listening to a lot of my dad’s records. I was listening to a lot of records from the Motown side and the Chicago side.

When I started my first PA in university, I started paying more attention to really understanding what it takes to be a DJ. I started collecting records back in 2004, I had software on my computer that I’d use to practice, and when I landed my first gig as a student, I honestly just didn’t look back.

I first got exposed to music software in 2007. A friend of mine used to do these soundtracks for short films, and I was fascinated. I used to stay in the studio all night, pressing knobs and just trying to understand what I was doing. Later that year I applied for the Red Bull Music Academy, and I got accepted to go to Barcelona. For me, that was the game-changer.

The Present

I’m literally listening to everything but house right now. Just to get a different perspective into the music that I make. I’m really fascinated by live acts and live music, so I’ve been checking a lot of live performances that have been happening around Cape Town. I’ve got guys like Kendrick Lamar on my playlist. I like downtempo music, actually.

I’m currently working on the second release of my EP: we’re going to be release what we call ‘phase two’ of Layers. I released five songs two months ago, for free download, so that fellow producers, vocalists, instrumentalists, anybody in a creative space could be a part of the movement. I’m hoping that by the beginning of January we’ll release phase two. We’ve got guys from different musical backgrounds, someone doing dubstep, someone coming from the techno scene…

The Future

When I was in the UK  I got an opportunity to see Disclosure live, I was fascinated to see them take an R&B artist like Mary J Blige and put her on a house song. It inspired me to come back and approach artists within my country and draw inspiration from all corners.

Years down the line, it could be a different story – the music I make now could be considered timeless in the coming years. Its time will come. It’s house, in that it’s got that four-to-the-floor feel, but if you listen to it, it doesn’t have a specific texture or tone. It draws inspiration from everywhere.